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Foot Fetish & Silk Stocking Massage at Honey Spa Massage

Silk foot massage means wearing a soft massage with their feet and legs sexy stockings for you to do full-body massage points, including sensitive parts of the body, the last will give you relaxation and pleasure also a comfortable feeling. The main action of the Silk foot massage is pushing, fibrillation, point, slide, drawing, twisting and so on, footwork, through stimulation of main and collateral channels, acupoints, relax the muscles.
This is the new kinds of massage ways, instead of the traditional hand massage methods. The massage therapist can use their own way to smell, to caress, kiss the chiropractor to put on silk stockings’ both feet. Silk foot massage throughout the care process mostly use the foot, foot rigid-flexible and economic, flexible and diverse, has a high technical difficulty. Silk foot massage can promote good sleep, traditional health care can not comfortable and healthy body effect.